Suzhou xibeiyou 1400Nm³/h alkaline hydrolysis hydrogen production system consists of electrolytic cell, separation frame, auxiliary equipment, rectifier cabinet, control cabinet, etc.

Among them, the electrolytic cell is the "heart" of the whole hydrogen production system, and the structure of the electrolytic cell is the pressure filter type, also known as the repolar type or bipolar type. The electrolytic cell consists of multiple cell cells which are regularly stacked into the cell body. The electrolytic chamber is mainly composed of bipolar plate, diaphragm, anode and cathode, and sealing gasket. This electrolytic cell has the advantages of small size, simple operation and so on. The structure of the electrolytic cell is made of new integrated bipolar plate with low energy consumption. The working pressure can reach 1.6mpa.


The separation frame is the "main artery" of the whole system, where gas-liquid separation, washing and cooling, lye filtration, pipeline valves and instruments are all integrated. The whole frame of Sibeyou hydrogen production system is painted by electrophoresis, which has strong weather resistance, corrosion resistance and edge and corner corrosion resistance.

The control cabinet is the "brain" of the whole hydrogen production system and the command center to realize the function of the whole system. The control part is mainly completed by PLC, with the function of one-button start and stop, It mainly controls the working temperature and pressure of the electrolyzer, the liquid level of the hydrogen and oxygen separator and the flow of lye, displays the working temperature, working pressure of the electrolyzer, the flow of lye, the liquid level of the separator, the hydrogen and oxygen gas production, the purity of hydrogen and oxygen, the DC voltage and the DC current, and alarms and interlocks the failure of hydrogen production equipment.

Overall features of the equipment:

• Optimized and improved flow channel of electrolytic cell, more uniform lye flow distribution in electrolytic chamber;

• The new bipolar plate structure makes the potential and current distribution on the electrode surface more uniform, and the ohmic loss of the electronic conductor is smaller and the DC energy consumption is lower;

• The new structure of the gas-liquid separator is more compact in volume and more efficient in separation;

• A new lye cooler with a multi-pass layout allows for a compact structure considering the pressure drop;

• The system starts and stops with one key, and the data acquisition and monitoring are fully automated;

• The overall configuration of the system is optimized, and the wide range is adjustable.

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