Main body capping! Suzhou Xibeiyou production base ushered in a key node
On October 25th, Suzhou Xibeiyou production base ushered in a key node -- the main body capping!
Liu Zhanying, Director of the Management Committee of Hohhot Economic and Technological Development Zone, and his delegation visited Sibeyou Suzhou for hydrogen energy inspection and exchange
Morning of September 16, Hohhot economic and technological development zone management committee director Liu Zhanying, by the open area economic development director zhi-ping zhang, by the open area emergency administration bureau chief jian-guo wang, by the open area and investment promotion bureau deputy director (e-government services) evergreen of leading line to visit suzhou when times the optimal inspection exchange hydrogen energy technology co., LTD. Liu Yong, vice general manager of Suzhou Xibeiyou Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., LTD., accompanied the inspection and had a discussion.
Load smoothly! The Suzhou-Xibeiyou 1400 standard hydrogen production system is expected to arrive in Inner Mongolia before the end of this month
On October 20,Suzhou Xibeiyou Hydrogen Energy Technology Co. LTD 1400 standard square hydrogen production system In Suzhou Xiangcheng district production base loading and delivery.The set of hydroelectrolysis hydrogen production equipment.It is expected before the end of this month.Arrive at Xingan League Base, Xibeiyou, Inner Mongolia.Start up and run the complete system.
Birthday, praise the motherland!
Do not forget the original aspiration, and the same dream with the country, Suzhou Xibeiyou Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., LTD wishes the great motherland, peace and security, prosperity and strength!
The Front Banner of Science and Technology held a coordination meeting on the promotion of hydrogen production equipment of Sibeyou
On September 15, 2022, Wang Zhibiao, deputy chief of the flag government, organized a coordination meeting to promote the production of hydrogen production equipment related to Xibeyou. Relevant officials of Qi Industrial Park, Industry and Information Bureau, Housing and Construction Bureau, power supply company, water Conservancy Bureau, Forestry and Grass Bureau and other departments attended the meeting.
Suzhou CPU Hydrogen Energy won the title of
On September 2, by the energy bureau, Shanxi Province, huaneng group, jin can holding group, China energy news, international renewable energy agency, the Asian development bank, the European Union jointly organized by China chamber of commerce and other carbon neutral and coal quality development BBS and the 12th world new energy as well as the number of top 500 enterprises summit wisdom can assign a new type of power system construction BBS held successfully.
Hard technology! Sibu 1400 standard square hydrogen production system officially offline
On August 18th, Suzhou Xibeiyou Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Xibeiyou Hydrogen Energy") held the offline press conference of Xibeiyou 1400 standard hydrogen production system and the signing ceremony of "Strategic Cooperation · Signing for the Future".
CPU Hydrogen energy is committed to customizing complete sets of electrolytic water hydrogen production system adapted to different working conditions and scenarios for customers. It has a very mature technical core in hydrogen production equipment.
Searching Dragon Boat Festival, CPU Hydrogen wish you all happy and healthy!
After June 1, the Arrival of Dragon Boat Festival, began to enter the real summer. Year after year Dragon Boat Festival, good wishes to "reed", Xibeiyou hydrogen in this advance I wish you all Dragon Boat Festival, happy and healthy, sweet life can be salt!
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