76,000 tons! A major energy user in Suzhou achieves
On September 28, in the factory area of Bosch Auto Parts (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. located in Changyang Street, Suzhou Industrial Park, Du Gancheng, the relevant person in charge of the company, calculated a "low carbon account" for the reporter: Since 2018, the company has actively implemented energy conservation and environmental protection The renovation project, through the air-conditioning process exhaust and runner heat recovery, warehouse LED replacement, distributed photovoltaic power generation, etc., by the end of 2020, this large-scale factory with an annual carbon emission of more than 76,000 tons achieved the carbon neutrality goal.
Xi Jinping talks about the energy industry: take a green and low-carbon development path
On the morning of the 13th, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the National Energy Group Yulin Chemical Co., Ltd. for inspection, walked into the central control room, came to the project site, and learned about the comprehensive utilization of coal. He stressed that the energy industry must continue to develop, otherwise it will not be enough to support the country''s modernization. The development of coal energy should be transformed and upgraded, and the road of green and low-carbon development should be taken.
Heavy! China Green Hydrogen Production and Application Summit Forum was successfully held in Changchun
On September 27, the "2021 6th Northeast Energy and Economic Summit" hosted by the Jilin Provincial Wind Energy and Solar Energy Society was successfully held in Changchun City.
Thermal efficiency or breakthrough 44%? GAC''s self-developed hydrogen engine ignites!
On September 5, the ignition ceremony of GAC''s first hydrogen engine was held at Tianjin University. Gao Wenzhi, professor of the State Key Laboratory of Internal Combustion of Tianjin University, Wu Jian, president of GAC Research Institute, and key members of the hydrogen engine R&D team attended and witnessed the ignition ceremony.
One-time debugging success! The water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment of CSSC 718 improves the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic modules
On September 9, good news came one after another in the hydrogen energy industry of the 718th Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Corporation. After more than 30 days and nights of continuous hard work by technicians, as the various indicators of the equipment reached the acceptance standards, the hydropower and hydrogen production equipment with a gas output of 250m³ per hour at the Yunnan project site of a well-known monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic enterprise in July 18 was successfully debugged at one time.
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