Xbeyou practice
The production of 1400Nm³/h hydrogen production system is a strong practice of the development trend of low cost, low energy consumption, high electric density and large standard of hydrogen production system.
CPU Hydrogen energy is committed to customizing complete sets of electrolytic water hydrogen production system adapted to different working conditions and scenarios for customers. It has a very mature technical core in hydrogen production equipment.
The emphasis on decarbonization is accelerating the development of
To ensure the realization of the carbon peak target by 2030, top-level documents such as the Action Plan for carbon peak 2030, The Medium and Long Term Plan for hydrogen Industry Development (2021-2035), and the 14th Five-year Plan for Renewable Energy Development have been released, followed by "boots" from all over the country.Under the policy enabling, China''''s new energy industry is developing rapidly! As one of the renewable energy industry, the new clean and widely used "green hydrogen" is becoming the focus of international attention.
Twelve provincial energy development
In recent days, the provincial energy development plan developed "difference", according to incomplete statistics, so far, a total of 12 provincial energy release planning "difference", including Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong, shandong, jiangxi, zhejiang, tianjin, sichuan, hubei, qinghai, gansu, Inner Mongolia, etc., in the planning of the hydrogen were included.
European sea breezes are producing hydrogen in full swing
A coalition of German industry associations has launched an initiative called offshore-Wind-H2-Eight, which calls for larger and more specific phased steps to increase the role of Offshore Wind in Germany''s renewable hydrogen production plans.
Is coming! The 14th Five-year Plan for Renewable Energy Development was released
We will promote large-scale hydrogen production from renewable energy, promote comprehensive utilization of renewable energy in rural areas, and take multiple measures to improve the utilization of renewable energy.
Searching Dragon Boat Festival, CPU Hydrogen wish you all happy and healthy!
After June 1, the Arrival of Dragon Boat Festival, began to enter the real summer. Year after year Dragon Boat Festival, good wishes to "reed", Xibeiyou hydrogen in this advance I wish you all Dragon Boat Festival, happy and healthy, sweet life can be salt!
Steel industry will have a wide range of green hydrogen application scenarios
As a pillar industry of the national economy, the iron and steel industry has an urgent need for low-carbon transformation, and the application of green hydrogen energy will be an important path for its transformation.
Two cases, understand ALK electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen
At present, the development of electrolytic water hydrogen production technology to improve energy consumption, stability and other performance as the main goal, in order to improve the matching with renewable energy, reduce the cost of hydrogen, for electrolytic water hydrogen production lay a foundation for the promotion and application.
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