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Load smoothly! The Suzhou-Xibeiyou 1400 standard hydrogen production system is expected to arrive in Inner Mongolia before the end of this month

On October 20,Xibeiyou Hydrogen 1400 standard square hydrogen production system In Suzhou Xiangcheng district production base loading and delivery.The set of hydroelectrolysis hydrogen production equipment.It is expected before the end of this month.Arrive at Xingan League Base, Xibeiyou, Inner Mongolia.Start up and run the complete system.



Fully test equipment reliability.Real record of energy consumption, gas production and other data.It will be researched and developed for the large-scale standard hydrogen energy products of Sibeyou.Provide valuable basic data and practical experience.

Adhere to independent research and development

Following the development direction of low cost, low energy consumption, high electric density and high gas production, Xibeyou hydrogen Energy officially rolled off the production line of 1400 standard square hydrogen production system on August 18 this year. It applies the latest research and development results of Xibeyou hydrogen energy, which has leap-forward significance in the single cell gas production scale of hydrogen production electrolytic cell.


In order to fully verify the rationality of the latest research and development design and the reliability of the system operation, under the joint consultation of the production and supply team of Xbeyou Base in Inner Mongolia and Suzhou, the company has formulated a thorough plan of delivery and transportation, personnel support and test operation of complete sets of equipment.

On the morning of October 19th, with the full cooperation of relevant logistics companies and production teams, the standard hydrogen production system (including electrolytic cell, separation frame, etc.) and other auxiliary equipment of SibU 1400 were successively loaded and successfully sailed from Xiangcheng production base!


Innovation of science and technology and times, the system consists of Greek times optimal hydrogen independent design, production, assembly, using new integrated double plate making aluminum reduction cell's structure, work pressure of 1.6 MPa, have zero contact resistance, more stable product performance, reduce energy consumption, to reduce the BOP cost and operation cost, a new structure of gas-liquid separation and washing more thorough and more efficient highly integrated automation, One key to open and stop performance characteristics.


The hydrogen production system adopts process control system, which is not only highly integrated and automatic, but also can be unattended. In the system security interlocking measures comprehensive, to ensure safety and reliability, remote monitoring, and free system upgrade services for customers.

Reviewing the pilot test in May this year, when the current data of this system is 8000A, the purity of hydrogen can reach 99.7%, the chamber voltage is 1.88v, and the DC power consumption is 4.5KWh/Nm³, leading the industry in related indicators.

About · Zebeyou

Founded in 2013, Sibeyou is located in Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, a modern main transportation hub in the Yangtze River Delta. With its accumulation in the new energy industry, Xibeyou officially laid out the hydrogen production equipment industry in 2021. It is building a modern production base of nearly 40,000 square meters, and planning production bases in Xingan League, Sheyang, Ningxia, Yangjiang and other areas in the later period.


Based on ALK (alkaline) water electrolysis hydrogen production technology to design and manufacture hydrogen production system, adhering to the corporate values of "professionalism, dedication, innovation", the company has formed alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production system 10-1400Nm³/h product series.


The company has its own R & D and production team, and has a number of patents, "annual hydrogen promising" is our style, "hydrogen force upward" is our theme, to promote the energy revolution as the mission, Xibeyou hydrogen energy is committed to become the world's leading efficiency of electrolytic hydrogen production equipment enterprise, to contribute to the "zero carbon cause".

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