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Birthday, praise the motherland!


Home is the cradle of every man,

The country is the harbor of every home.

The motherland two words,

Let how many people in the Pentium a rush of blood.

Look up at the sky of history,

The feeling of home and country shines brightly.

On occasions across time,

The feelings of home and country are endless.

The scarlet five-star red flag,

Ripples the Chinese nation united struggle

Self-improvement can not afford the elegant demeanour

The way everyone struggles,

Form the expression and rhythm of today's China

Beautiful 73

The world sees the charm of China

In the future

May our youth,

To defend the golden age of Zhonghua.

Do not forget the original aspiration, and the country with the dream

Suzhou Xibeiyou Hydrogen Energy Technology Co. LTD

Bless the great motherland,

Peaceful, prosperous and strong!

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