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Hard technology! Sibu 1400 standard square hydrogen production system officially offline


Photo ▲ Sibu 1400 standard hydrogen production system offline press conference site

Article by Zhong Rui, reporter of our newspaper

On August 18th, Suzhou Xibeiyou Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Xibeiyou Hydrogen Energy") held the offline press conference of Xibeiyou 1400 standard hydrogen production system and the signing ceremony of "Strategic Cooperation · Signing for the Future".

In March this year, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration jointly issued the Medium and Long-term Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry (2021-2035), which clarified the energy attributes of hydrogen, and proposed that by 2025, the amount of hydrogen produced from renewable energy should reach 100,000-200,000 tons/year, and the carbon dioxide emission reduction should be achieved by 1 to 2 million tons/year. By 2030, a relatively complete system for hydrogen production and supply from clean energy will be formed to strongly support the realization of the carbon peak goal. By 2035, the proportion of hydrogen production from renewable energy sources in terminal energy consumption will increase significantly.


Peng Suping, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, attended the press conference and delivered a speech

Under the policy support, hydrogen production from renewable energy in China will usher in great development opportunities. Peng Suping, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said green hydrogen will play an important role in China's energy system, and how to produce green hydrogen on a large scale and at low cost is particularly crucial. This also puts forward higher requirements for the performance, efficiency and reliability of hydrogen production equipment.

As a complete set of hydroelectrolysis hydrogen production system and hydrogen production solutions provider, in order to further improve the core competitiveness, Xibeu hydrogen Energy continues to focus on hydrogen production technology, continue to improve the performance of hydrogen production equipment. Previously, the first 50 standard square alkaline hydroelectrolysis hydrogen production system of Xibeyou was officially rolled off the production line in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province in January this year.


According to the introduction, this production line 1400 standard square hydrogen system, using a new "integrated bipolar plate structure". This structure makes the potential - current distribution on the electrode surface more uniform, the ohmic loss of the electronic conductor is smaller, and the DC energy consumption is lower under the same current. In addition, considering the safety of the whole hydrogen production system, a more comprehensive safety linkage system is designed for the hydrogen production system. In the post-processing, intelligent control system, also carried out the latest upgrade optimization.


Suzhou Xibeyou hydrogen general Manager Li Liucan speech

Li Liucan, general manager of Suzhou Xibeiyou Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., LTD., said that the large-scale construction of photovoltaic and wind power will be a strong support for the large-scale application of green hydrogen in the future, and it is also a powerful measure to force the industrial upgrading of traditional high-energy and high-carbon industries such as chemical industry. The 1400 standard square hydrogen production system of CYbeu Hydrogen Energy follows the development direction of hydrogen production equipment toward low cost, low energy consumption, high electric density and high gas production.


▲ The picture shows the standard hydrogen production system of Cyborgu 1400

It is reported that alkaline electrolysis hydrogen production has the characteristics of safety and reliability, long operation life, good economic performance and more suitable for large-scale hydrogen energy projects. Hebeiu hydrogen can mainly produce hydrogen by alkaline electrolysis, which is suitable for large-scale solutions. It INHERits the tradition AND innovATES AT THE SAME time, AVOIDS the contact resistance in the structure, optimizes the current - potential distribution on the electrode surface, and optimizes the flow channel and internal flow field. Material, adopt new technology, multi - alloy catalyst, new composite diaphragm. The overall ohmic pressure drop of the equipment is smaller, the current density is higher, the lye flow distribution is more uniform, and the pipeline pressure drop is lower.

Xu Sangguo, deputy general manager of Suzhou Xibeiyou Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., LTD., said that Xibeiyou hydrogen Energy will always uphold the mission of promoting energy revolution, help the development of hydrogen energy economy, in the improvement of catalyst performance and electrode service life, reduce the whole tank ohmic pressure drop, hydrogen production equipment and new energy coupling and other fields.

Source: China Energy News

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